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What Materials Can You Destroy With a Heavy-Duty Shredder?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/26/2024
What Materials Can You Destroy With a Heavy-Duty Shredder?

A heavy-duty shredder is imperative when it comes to protecting sensitive information. The sheer power of a heavy-duty shredder can effortlessly turn a wide range of materials into unrecognizable confetti-sized pieces.

Every piece of confidential information your business needs to eliminate is possible with this device. Find out which materials you can destroy with a heavy-duty shredder to keep your company’s information safe.

Paper Documents

Average office shredders will destroy up to 25 sheets of paper at a time. However, heavy-duty shredders can shred anywhere from 50 to 650 sheets!

These shredders ensure the complete obliteration of confidential materials such as business plans, financial statements, or personal identification forms. The metal blades transform the sheets of paper into undetectable crosscut particles.

Credit Cards and IDs

Heavy-duty shredders can shred more than paper products; they can also handle materials like credit cards and identification cards. The shredding of credit cards and IDs deems them unusable. Plus, it serves as a preventative measure against identity theft.

CDs and DVDs

Many offices store information on CDs and DVDs, including software products, client records, and proprietary data that you or a designated employee has backed up on these discs.

These shredders have dedicated slots for optical media, using high torque cutting mechanisms to fracture the discs into tiny fragments. This process not only renders the data unreadable but also ensures that potential thieves cannot reconstruct or retrieve it.

Hard Drives

Hard drives store everything from software to photographs to documents. It’s only proper to dismantle these drives indefinitely when you transport them to another secure system or they no longer have value.

This process is compliant with information security regulations, as it crushes the devices into fragments. These heavy-duty shredders are essential components for companies that prioritize data privacy.

Computer Forms

Disposing of computer forms appropriately lets businesses adhere to data protection laws and prevent potential data breaches. These forms contain carbon copies that can be problematic to dispose of securely due to the sensitive data they may carry. Many manufacturers designed these high-end shredders to plow through these forms, with advanced features that can cut through multiple sets at once.

The Bottom Line

Industrial shredding machines are incredible devices that can demolish a variety of materials. However, never purchase a machine and toss any item into the shredder. Be sure to thoroughly read the shredder’s specifications, so you don’t damage or break the machine.

Once you’re fully aware of the materials you can destroy with a heavy-duty shredder, you’re ready to start eliminating the items of your choosing!

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