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The Best Tools for Data Destruction: Degausser Machine

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 9/16/2021

The Best Tools for Data Destruction: Degausser Machine

If your company or organization stores confidential information electronically, then you will need to know how to destroy it properly. There are many tools you can use to destroy data, such as a degausser, overwriting, shredding, and more. To ensure that your classified content remains safe, you can use the best tools for data destruction.

Degausser Machine

One of the best tools for data destruction is a degausser machine. A degausser machine uses a strong magnet to disrupt the magnetic fields on tapes, disks, hard drives, et cetera. By disrupting the magnetic fields, the degausser destroys the data on the hard drives. After degaussing the data, you usually will not be able to reuse the hard drive or disk. If you need to destroy confidential data quickly and efficiently, a degausser is a great tool to use. When purchasing one of these machines, be sure to check out our online store at Capital Shredder Corp for reliable, NSA-approved degaussers.


Overwriting data is another way to dispose of classified content. Overwriting involves writing patterns of ones and zeros over the existing data to erase it. While overwriting may take time and multiple passes, it is a very effective way to erase data completely without bit shadows. Bit shadows are remnants of information that was overwritten but still leave traces for detection. For instance, if you write a sentence on a paper pad, then remove the top sheet, you can still detect the indentation of the sentence below on the following sheet. However, with multiple passes of overwriting, you can erase the bit shadows completely.


If you want to ensure that all data is completely erased, you should consider shredding. Shredding is the quickest and easiest way to dispose of all confidential information completely. Some electronic devices you can shred include hard drives, smartphones, tablets, optical drives, and more. If your company or organization needs to remove all traces of classified data, then shredding is one of the best options.

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