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What To Look For in an NSA-Approved Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/18/2022
What To Look For in an NSA-Approved Shredder

When it comes to keeping your business’s information safe, you want to make sure you have the right shredder for the job. Did you know that paper shredders go through thorough testing to ensure that they safely destroy information? These are some characteristics that shredders must have and what to look for in an NSA-approved shredder.

Shredding Size

The first and most important thing to look for in an NSA-approved shredder is the size of the paper shreds it produces. An NSA-approved shredder must shred paper to individual piece sizes of no more than one millimeter by five millimeters. The NSA approves shredders based on the shredding sizes and the shredding types, with the most common two being strip-cut and cross-cut paper strips. The NSA grades high-security shredders on a scale from one to six; six is the highest level of security.

Operational Time

NSA approval also requires shredders to state the volume classification of the paper shredder. The NSA tests paper shredding models on the speed of the destruction of paper and other materials. For example, a high-capacity paper shredder destroys 10 reams of paper per hour, with a volume of 50 pounds of paper. Low capacity-shredders average slightly less than half of these characteristics, destroying anywhere from 1 to 4 reams per hour and having a maximum capacity of 25 pounds.

Paper Size

Finally, NSA-approved shredders must also state the maximum size, thickness, and weight of the paper they can shred. This is to help avoid paper jams and malfunctions. Paper jams put information at risk because they fail to properly destroy documents. The NSA also puts paper shredders through scenarios to test for jams. High-security shredders must pass at least two out of three attempts.

These are the credentials that paper shredders must possess and define to secure NSA approval. If your business is looking to invest in high-security shredders, then you now know what to look for in an NSA-approved shredder. You can also check out our supply of NSA-approved, high-security shredders right here at Capital Shredder.

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