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Ways To Determine if Your Data Is Sensitive

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 3/7/2023
Ways To Determine if Your Data Is Sensitive

Every business leader knows that some documents and files should be treated with more care than others; do you know why? By law, businesses must protect sensitive information and data from thieves and hackers that would access it. What makes certain pieces of information more sensitive than others? Here are some ways to determine if your business or organization’s data is sensitive.

Does It Contain Personal Information?

Personal information or data is the biggest component of sensitive data. Sensitive personal data can be related to a person or members of an organization. For example, any documents that list a person’s personal information—race, political data, health data, finances, and identifying information—are sensitive and require protection. One of the biggest reasons organizations must protect personal data is because leaks can lead to identity theft and other adverse effects.

Other Examples of Sensitive Data

Confidential information is another staple of sensitive data. This data relates to a business or organization, including trade secrets and financial information. Confidential information can be just as dangerous in the wrong hands. On top of identity theft concerns, a loss of confidential information can lead to data breaches, fraudulent charges, and trade secret leaks. Any other types of information that a business or organization deems “classified” can be considered sensitive.

What To Do With Sensitive Data?

Identifying and safely storing sensitive information are only parts of sensitive data’s life cycle. How you dispose of these documents or files is just as important as how you keep them. In fact, disposing of sensitive information properly protects this information. Simply throwing away or recycling sensitive documents can lead to thieves recovering them. All organizations that handle sensitive documents must use certified destruction techniques such as shredding. Businesses should designate a paper shredder and other destruction appliances to promote document safety.

Now that you know these ways to determine if your data is sensitive, it’s important to have the means to destroy this information safely. Capital Shredder supplies NSA-approved shreddersto help organizations like yours safely and securely destroy personal data after its lifetime. Browse our selection of high-security shredders and more for your personal data protection.

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