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Tips for Oiling Your Paper Shredder Machine

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 5/23/2024
Tips for Oiling Your Paper Shredder Machine

Paper shredders of all sizes and purposes demand blade lubrication. Over time, the blades start to pile up with debris and might even form rust! To avoid any sort of damage to your paper shredder machine, use the following tips for oiling.

Tip #1: Clean the Paper Shredder Before Oiling

Begin the oiling process by cleaning the paper shredder. This ensures the removal of any debris, dust, or paper shreds so that they don’t interfere with the oil’s effectiveness.

Empty the shred bin. Then, utilize a small brush or compressed air to remove any paper particles stuck between the blades. Be thorough and gentle to maintain the blade’s quality.

Tip #2: Only Apply Shredder Oil to the Machine

Other lubricants may seem suitable for your shredder. However, alternatives like vegetable or synthetic oil can lead to gum buildup, reduced efficacy, and potential fire hazards. Stick to using products labeled as shredder oil to keep your machine safe and operational.

Tip #3: Choose the Proper Oiling Method

The way you oil the blades matters. While direct oiling may be preferable for more immediate maintenance, indirect oiling can be a convenient and mess-free option for routine lubrication. Nevertheless, both are efficient options for properly lubricating your paper shredding machine.

Direct Oiling

If your shredder has a maintenance mode or a way to access the blades safely, use it. Some models have an easy-open panel, while others may require you to remove the shredder head.

Using shredder oil, apply a small amount directly onto the blades. A few drops along the length of the blades will suit most shredders. Run several sheets of paper through the entry slot, then put it in reverse for a few seconds.

Indirect Oiling

Indirect oiling is a straightforward and effective method to lubricate your paper shredder without directly applying oil to the blades. Get a few sheets of paper ready. Drizzle shredder oil on top, and feed the paper into the slot.

After the paper goes all the way through, put the shredder in reverse. This action helps spread the oil more evenly and clear any remaining paper particles.

Tip #4: Use the Right Amount of Oil

The final paper shredder machine oiling tip is to apply the correct amount of oil. Over-oiling can cause several issues. Excess oil can attract dust and paper particles, creating a sticky residue that clogs the blades. This buildup can lead to frequent jams and reduce the shredder’s efficiency.

Additionally, over-oiling can cause the oil to seep into the motor or electrical components. To prevent posing a fire hazard or damage to the machine, apply only a moderate amount of oil.

Find everything you need to maintain a high-security paper shredder at Capital Shredder. We provide shredder oil, automatic oilers, and more to keep your machine in optimal condition.

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