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Which Legal Documents Law Firms Should Shred

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/28/2023
Which Legal Documents Law Firms Should Shred

Shredding classified documents is more than a recommended safety measure for some businesses—for some institutions, proper information disposal is required by law. Lawyers know these procedures better than anyone. So, if you’re starting a law firm and want to know which legal documents your business needs to shred, keep reading for some key examples.

Outdated Case Files

Case files hold confidential information regarding court proceedings and overall cases. These files might feature vital information about clients, including contact information, evidence, personal records, settlement figures, and more. Even after several years, these files and their information should remain confidential, which is why shredding these documents is so important. Five years is typically a suitable time to retain court records, though you don’t need to wait this long to shred them if you use a digital tracking system as well.

Materials for Former Clients

Of all businesses, law firms should understand the importance of destroying a client’s information in accordance with the law. Case files aren’t the only materials concerning former clients that law firms should shred. Lawyers also receive paid bills and invoices for their services, which contain confidential contact and payment information for both the firm and the client. After retaining these documents for at least three years for tax purposes, they are safe to shred. This goes for canceled and voided checks as well. Shred any bills, banking information, and other receipts of your services to protect both your firm and your client’s information.

Old Legal References

Legal references are constantly changing and evolving, which is why it’s important to stay up to date with your resources. To avoid confusion or misrepresenting your business, your law firm shouldn’t hold onto old legal references and policy documents. If these documents contain any confidential information about your firm’s policies (even outdated ones) or contracts, be sure to shred them thoroughly before disposing of them.

How To Shred Documents Securely

Shredding documents is the safest way to dispose of them. However, not all shredders are created equal. Choose a high-security shredder or paper destroyer for your law firm. These machines are specially designed to shred documents into particles that thieves can’t recover.

Remember these legal documents that your law firm should be shredding, and choose a high-security shredder for the job. If you’re looking for NSA-approved shredders, you can find a variety of models at Capital Shredder. We’ll supply you with the certified machine your law business needs.

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