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When You Should Use Each Shred Style: Strip, Cross, & Micro

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 6/22/2022
When You Should Use Each Shred Style: Strip, Cross, & Micro

The average person looking for a new paper shredder might not be aware of the differences between shredding styles. While strip cut shredders work fine for the average person, you might need a high-security shredder to protect more confidential information. Learn more about the differences between strip, cross, and micro cuts and when you should use each shredding style.

When To Use Strip Cut

Strip cut shredders cut paper into long, ribbon-like strips, which they get their name from. Strip cut shredders typically range in size from one-quarter to one-eighth inch wide strips. Strip cut shredders are a fast way to destroy basic information, but they aren’t the most secure options on the market. Home offices typically rely on strip cut shredders, and many standard shredders feature a strip cut technique. To be safe, use strip cut shredding for destroying documents with basic information or documents that don’t contain confidential information at all.

When To Use Cross Cut

Cross cut shredders are the next step up in security from strip cut shredders. Unlike strip cut shredders, this type of shredder cuts paper across two diagonals instead of one strip. This process creates smaller scraps of paper and provides an extra layer of protection for your documents. Cross cut shredders are suitable tools for destroying sensitive information for most homes, offices, and other businesses. Select a cross cut shredder for destroying financial information and banking statements and to protect personal and employee records.

When To Use Micro Cut

While micro cut shredders provide a suitable level of protection for most businesses, there are some industries that require an even higher level of protection. Certain branches of the government, medical facilities, and any other organizations that prioritize security might make use of a micro cut shredder. Security guidelines state that these high-security facilities must make use of high-security shredders for information disposal. In these cases, the micro cut shredder is the best fit because micro cut shredders shred paper into microparticles that become unrecognizable.

Each type of paper shredder has its best uses at certain times and places. Now that you know when you should use strip, cross, and micro shred styles, you can ensure that you’re disposing of sensitive information with the best shredder for your needs. If you’re in need of a high-security shredder for your office, browse our selection of NSA-approved under desk paper shredders here at Capital Shredder Corp.

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