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When Do You Need a Certificate of Destruction?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 9/13/2023
When Do You Need a Certificate of Destruction?

Every business owner or manager needs to know how to handle the vast amount of data they create daily, as keeping physical copies of everything can cause storage problems. Data management is complex, as you may deal with storage issues and legal requirements for data handling. We will cover certificates of destruction and when you may need one to help you manage data.

Confidential Information

Every business uses and stores sensitive information, whether it’s about employees, clients, or proprietary things. Sometimes, this information is no longer useful. You can legally destroy it to protect against data leaks. Certificates of destruction record the destruction of sensitive data.

Document Destruction

One of the most important features of a certificate of destruction is recording the elimination of a sensitive document. Destruction can mean shredding or any other legal means; start with devices and tools approved by the US Department of Defense. For example, DoD-approved shredders are perfect for disposing of sensitive information.

Media Storage Destruction

While a lot of data destruction focuses on sensitive physical documents, most vital information exists on media storage devices. Computer hard drives or thumb drives can pose huge risks because anyone can steal data if you don’t destroy them beyond recovery. Once the data goes through the destruction process, you should receive or create a certificate of destruction.

A Part of Proof

The main thing to know about certificates of destruction is when you need to get them. After eliminating sensitive information, you should get a certificate indicating that the data no longer exists. Keep in mind that these certificates aren’t the same as undeniable proof that data is gone. Still, they are important for destroying confidential data.

Certificates of destruction are important parts of data management, and understanding their purpose in the process will help you get through future audits and prevent data leaks. These certificates become increasingly important as your business grows, so you must understand them and when to acquire them.

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