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The Benefits of Cross-Cut Paper Shredders

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 1/19/2022
The Benefits of Cross-Cut Paper Shredders

Every business needs a paper shredder for safely disposing of confidential paperwork. However, there are so many options and different models on the market that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your office. Let’s start by looking at the benefits of cross-cut paper shredders for your business.

High Security

Cross-cut shredders offer more security and peace of mind over other shredders, such as strip-cut shredders. High-security cross-cut shredders cut paper into cross-sections, creating paper particles rather than shreds. Use a cross-cut shredder for particularly important and confidential information such as social security numbers, banking information, insurance documents, and more. If you’re concerned about the safety of this information, the cross-cut shredder is the model for you.

Save Time and Space

Not only do cross-cut shredders help protect your business, but they can make your business more efficient as well. Cross-cut shredders cut paper into smaller particles than strip shredders, which leaves more space in the disposal bin. This means fewer trips to empty out the bin when it fills up. Additionally, some cross-cut shredders can handle multiple materials such as plastic and discs, which saves your business the expenses of buying multiple types of shredders.


Cross-cut shredders are some of the most durable on the market. Some shredders have built-in motors that don’t even require cooling periods, so you can shred materials quickly and efficiently. Some cross-cut shredders can shred other types of media besides paper. These shredders safely dispose of electronic media like CDs, DVDs, and other discs and plastics. These durable shredders last longer and mean less wait time for cooldown periods or scheduling repairs.

Now that you know the benefits of cross-cut paper shredders, you can better decide if this type of shredder is the best fit for your business. To see more varieties of shredders and their benefits, check out our selection of high-security paper shredders here at Capital Shredder Corp.

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