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The Basics of How a Paper Shredder Machine Works

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 6/17/2021
The Basics of How a Paper Shredder Machine Works

Paper shredders are a safe way to dispose of documents containing confidential information. However, many people do not know how these machines operate. Here are the basics of how a paper shredder machine works.

The Sensors

Since it would be a waste of energy to run the machines all day, paper shredders have sensors that allow them to turn on and off automatically. One of these sensors is in the cutting head, which is why the machine turns on when you place paper near the blades. There’s another on the bottom of the bin that works in conjunction with the cutting head sensors; their function is to ensure that the machine is stationary and stable before shredding. Unfortunately, these sensors cannot determine the difference between paper and a piece of clothing, so be sure that only paper goes near the cutting head sensors.

The Cutting Head and Teeth

The cutting head is the device that pulls the paper into the machine and begins the shredding process. Then, the teeth will start to tear the paper into shreds. The two types of shredding options include crosscut and strip-cut shredders. Crosscut shredders use teeth that rotate in opposite directions to produce small sections of paper, while the strip-cut shredders use the blades to cut in the same direction, producing paper strips.

Finished Product

Once a person connects the shredder to a power source, the sensors are in place, and the teeth are ready to go, then the machine is ready to shred. Many organizations and businesses prefer using paper shredders for their confidential content because it saves time and effort. Especially if you work in government, it is crucial to obtain paper shredders for government suppliers. Paper shredders are one of the best ways to keep all confidential information safe.

Now you know all the basics of how a paper shredder machine works. At Capital Shredder Corp, we offer quality paper shredders that any business or organization can use to ensure their confidential information is safe at all times.

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