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Reasons You Should Not Fix a Commercial Shredder Yourself

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 3/30/2022
Reasons You Should Not Fix a Commercial Shredder Yourself

Using commercial paper shredders is the best way to ensure that your confidential business information stays safe. But what do you do when your paper shredder encounters a problem? It’s always best to contact a professional for repairs rather than try to tackle them yourself, especially when it comes to commercial shredders. Here are some of the main reasons you should not fix a commercial shredder yourself.

DIY Can Result in Personal Injuries

Paper shredders are incredibly useful tools when used correctly. When they malfunction or break down, though, repairing them can be dangerous. Even unplugged and inactive, paper shredders still have extremely sharp, razor-like teeth that create cutting hazards. Without the right tools and protection, you could severely injure your hands and fingers trying to clean or repair your commercial paper shredder. We recommend scheduling maintenance or bringing your paper shredder to a professional for repair.

You May Not Resolve the Problem

Paper and other types of shredders can be complex machines with lots of moving parts. These pieces of equipment aren’t always the most straightforward to repair and maintain. If you try to repair your shredder yourself and don’t do so correctly, you may not resolve the problem completely. It’s dangerous to continue running your commercial shredder in this state. Malfunctioning shredders can pose risks of injury or other hazards.

Other Hazards

You might not know it at first, but commercial shredders can pose a fire risk when they become damaged or malfunction. Paper shredders generate heat while shredding large loads of paper or when you operate them for long sessions. If a shredder becomes jammed and you leave the machine unattended, this heat could start to combust the paper in the machine. This is why you should always turn off and unplug your shredder as soon as a paper jam occurs. Call a professional to best deal with malfunctioning shredders and complex paper jams.

These are the main reasons you should not fix a commercial shredder yourself. Paper shredders will only pose a hazard to your safety or workplace when damaged or when you operate them incorrectly. For safe paper shredder use, always schedule maintenance with a professional. And if your office needs a new commercial paper shredder, consider browsing the cross cut industrial shredders and other options included in our wide selection here at Capital Shredder.

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