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Reasons You Should Shred Cardboard for Compost

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 4/11/2024
Reasons You Should Shred Cardboard for Compost

Compost is a rich, organic material that results from the natural decomposition of plant and animal materials. It comes from the controlled aerobic breakdown of organic waste, including yard trimmings, kitchen scraps, and shredded cardboard.

The unique composting process transforms waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. If you have heaps of cardboard in your house, composting is a creative and eco-friendly solution. Discover the reasons why shredded cardboard is a great addition to compost.

1. Accelerate the Composting Process

Shredded cardboard accelerates the composting process because it increases the surface area available for microbial action. It exposes more of the material to these beneficial bacteria and fungi, which can then feast on the cardboard’s cellulose fibers.

The presence of cardboard also generates substantial heat that’s essential to the decomposition process. The heat helps kill pathogens and weed seeds present in the compost pile. This creates a product that’s safer to use in gardens.

2. Create Balanced Compost

Adding shredded cardboard to your compost isn't just about cutting down waste. It forms a nutrient-rich compost mix too.

Cardboard adds the essential “brown material,” rich in carbon, that your compost needs alongside the nitrogen-rich “green materials” like kitchen leftovers and yard debris. This mix is vital for composting, allowing microorganisms to break down the materials efficiently.

Aim for a mix of three parts brown to one part green material. Shredded cardboard will balance your compost and improve its structure.

3. Enhance Soil Health

Cardboard is high in carbon, which creates an ideal environment for beneficial microorganisms when balanced with the nitrogen-rich materials in your compost. These microorganisms decompose organic material, turning it into a humus that strengthens soil structure, moisture retention, and aeration. The result is more fertile soil that's vital for plant growth.

4. Reduce Contributions to Landfills

One of the most compelling reasons to shred cardboard for compost is its significant impact on reducing waste sent to landfills. Every year, the production of countless tons of cardboard occurs. Much of it ends up in landfills and contributes to pollution.

You have the power to divert cardboard from the waste stream and give it new life! You can turn every package you receive in the mail or grocery item encased with cardboard into something beneficial for the environment.

Empower Your Composting Journey With a High-Volume Shredder

Begin your sustainable composting endeavor without a high-volume shredder to slice cardboard into small pieces. At Capital Shredder, we offer the best shredders to fragment all kinds of materials, from paper to hard drives to cardboard. View the wide selection of forceful machines that’ll improve your compost and revitalize your garden’s growth.

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