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Reasons You Should Destroy Old Hard Drives

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 10/3/2022
Reasons You Should Destroy Old Hard Drives

We all know how much information our business’s hard drives store and how they keep our digital backups safe. However, if your business doesn’t already utilize machines for hard drive disposal, keep reading to learn the reasons why you should destroy old hard drives. Even old, erased hard drives can retain important information you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Promote Data Security

The biggest reason many businesses prioritize destroying old hard drives is to promote data security within their company. While old hard drives may not contain the most up-to-date information, these devices can still store confidential information in the form of old data files, licenses, and more. Simply deleting the data from these devices won’t always completely erase the information stored within. Hackers and thieves have access to software that can recover data from old hard drives, so it’s crucial to destroy these devices before throwing them away.

Protect Client & Employee Data

In addition to protecting your business’s confidential data, when you destroy an old hard drive, you also protect your client and employee data. Depending on their function, old hard drives may also contain confidential information regarding your business’s clients and employees. To maintain a relationship built on trust with these parties, it’s crucial that you handle their information as carefully as you would handle confidential information regarding your own business. Always destroy hard drives that you suspect could contain client and employee information.

Comply With Security Laws

Maintaining trust isn’t the only reason to destroy hard drives before disposal. Several laws, such as HIPAA regulations, are also in place to protect employee and consumer information. Destroying data on hard drives, documents, and other workplace files ensures that your business follows these safety and security guidelines. Failure to comply with these laws can cost your business money in lawsuits and damage your reputation. Therefore it’s crucial to use a certified shredder or disintegrator for document and accessory destruction in the workplace.

If these reasons you should destroy old hard drives have convinced you to start monitoring your business’s hard drive usage, you can find the proper disposal tools here at Capital Shredder Corp. We offer industrial shredding machines capable of shredding documents, tapes, and disks before you dispose of them. Our equipment can help your business practice responsible information security and disposal methods.

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