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Paper Shredder Terminology You Need To Know

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 1/2/2024
Paper Shredder Terminology You Need To Know

If your business handles sensitive information, you know about the importance of document disposal. You can equip yourself with more knowledge when you know paper shredder terminology. Here's a quick look at the jargon so you can find the best machine for data protection.


A crosscut shredder, also known as a confetti-cut shredder, cuts documents into small, rectangular pieces. This method provides a high level of security, as the paper is virtually unreadable.

Crosscut shredders are common in offices and organizations, such as financial institutions and healthcare providers, that deal with sensitive information. You’ll want a high-security personal paper shredder to protect various types of private information.


A strip-cut shredder, often referred to as a straight-cut or spaghetti-cut shredder, slices documents into long, vertical strips. This method offers a basic level of security that's suitable for disposing of general documents that do not contain highly sensitive information. Note that strip-cut shredders are less secure for document disposal than crosscut shredders.

Sheet Capacity

The sheet capacity of a paper shredder refers to the number of sheets of paper the machine can shred at once. This measurement directly impacts the efficiency and speed of your shredding tasks.

Entry Width

The entry width of a paper shredder denotes the opening where you feed the paper for shredding. This measurement determines the size of the documents the machine can accommodate.

Standard paper shredders typically have an entry width that accommodates standard A4 sheets. If you need to shred larger documents, such as A3 papers or envelopes, use a shredder with a larger entry width.

Continuous Duty

A shredder that operates non-stop without needing to cool down is essential for secure shredding. Unlike standard shredders that require rest periods to prevent overheating, continuous-duty shredders can handle constant use.

Overload Protection

Overload protection prevents the shredder's motor from being overworked by too many sheets of paper. This feature automatically stops the shredder to prevent complications, from paper jams to machine malfunctions. It also saves users from the frustrating and time-consuming task of clearing paper jams.


An auto-oiling system automatically lubricates the shredder's cutters so they remain in optimal condition. Regular oiling is crucial for maintaining shredder performance and preventing paper jams.

Remembering to oil your shredder can be challenging. The auto-oiling feature takes out the guesswork and manual labor when maintaining your shredder for more efficient shredding.

Auto Reverse

This feature automatically reverses the shredding process if a jam occurs. It also clears blockages without the need for manual intervention. This is especially beneficial in high-volume shredding environments where interruptions can impact your productivity.

Knowing this paper shredder terminology will guide you in choosing the right shredder for your business, and Capital Shredder can help. Our company offers a wide variety of the best paper shredder models on the market to satisfy all our customers’ needs. Keep these helpful terms in mind when browsing our amazing shredders.

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