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Government Data Destruction Standards

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 4/14/2021
Government Data Destruction Standards

What Are the Government Data Destruction Standards?

Though we may not consider all our information to be top secret, businesses must. Companies and organizations keep sensitive information regarding customer and employee finances, identities, medical records, and other private information or plans. This is why there are specific agencies and departments in place that determine the best actions to take to ensure security. By implementing government data destruction standards, businesses and individuals can maintain safety regarding their most sensitive information and the termination of it.


The Center for Storage Device Sanitization Research is responsible for providing guidance regarding the sanitization and destruction of internal storage (IS) devices. They are responsible for maintaining procedures regarding sanitization and declassification of information. Additionally, the CSDSR lends guidance on releasing classified and sensitive information that is stored on IS storage devices.


The Department of Defense has a standard referred to as DoD 5220.22-M. This term is used in the industry of data sanitization. The DoD uses a process of erasing stored data that overwrites the hard disk drive areas of storage. They often use a pattern of all zeros, and three overwriting passes is the 5220.22-M standard. According to DoD data destruction standards, for shredding paper documents, only level 6 shredders are DoD and NSA-approved shredders to administer top secret shredding abilities.


The National Security Agency is a US intelligence agency that operates within the Department of Defense. The NSA is responsible for security as well as cryptographic (techniques to secure communication and hide information from third parties) and communications intelligence.

The NSA evaluates various data destruction products for digital and printed data. Experts can reference an evaluated product list (EPL) to find the best equipment for a particular task load and desired security level. Capital Shredder takes it one step further by labeling each of our products with their security level, making it easier to choose the right product for your data destruction needs. Our products can help your business or organization meet the NSA’s secure data destruction standards.


The Central Security Service is an agency within the Department of Defense. It was established to integrate into the NSA and create a partnership between them and the Armed Forces’ cryptologic elements. They address and react to critical military-related issues. Together, the CSS and NSA intercept and analyze foreign communication signals and protect national security.

There are many agencies and organizations in place to establish government data destruction standards. Understanding how the standards are determined and the best ways to protect and terminate sensitive information will assist you in comprehending and selecting proper destruction equipment. In the search for the right ways to terminate old data, it’s important to know the right way to go about it and ensure the data is completely unretrievable.

Whether you’re looking for physical data destruction or digital data destruction equipment, you can find the right device for your needs at Capital Shredder Co. We’re here to help you meet the proper data and document destruction standards for your business.

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