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Are Cross Cut Shredders Secure Enough for Your Data?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 6/9/2022
Are Cross Cut Shredders Secure Enough for Your Data?

Did you know that not all paper shredders have the same security levels? While most consumers don’t need to know the differences between strip cut and cross cut paper shredders, some businesses require you to apply these differences. Cross cut shredders are suitable for many businesses and homes. However, you might not know if these models are secure enough for your applications. So if you’ve been wondering, “Are cross cut shredders secure enough for your data?” keep reading to find out.

How Secure Are Cross Cut Shredders?

There are several distinct levels that define the security of a shredder (P-1 through P-7). P-7 is the top security level. Strip cut shredders make up the bottom three categories of shredder security levels. Next comes the cross cut shredder, which makes up levels P-4 through P-6 on the security scale. Micro cut or some cross cut shredders can get the P-7 distinction. Out of seven distinct levels of security, this makes cross cut shredders some of the most secure options for destroying your business or organization’s files. Cross cut shredders shred your documents into tiny particles that would be nearly impossible to piece back together.

Is A Cross Cut Shredder Enough for Your Data?

A cross cut shredder offers more than enough security for most business and personal use. In fact, even using a strip cut shredder provides enough security for many businesses and homes. However, according to information security and privacy laws, some businesses and organizations need to meet strict security requirements regarding document shredding. For example, some school districts, government facilities, and medical offices need higher levels of information security. Often, government and military facilities will use even higher levels of paper shredders to preserve confidential information.

Shredders That Offer More Security

Few shredders offer higher security than a cross cut shredder, especially ones with some of the smallest cutting windows. However, if your business requires the highest-security document destruction availabe, you may need a micro cut shredder. Micro cut shredders offer some of the highest levels of security on the scale, falling into the P-6 and P-7 range. The law may require government facilities and high-ranking officials to use such shredders.

We hope this breakdown of shredder security levels helps answer the question, “Are cross cut shredders secure enough for your data?” You may be looking for shredders that offer some of the highest-level information security. If so, you should browse our selection of high-security cross cut shredders and more here at Capital Shredder. We offer everything from strip cut shredders to government-approved high-security shredders for all your needs.

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