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The Importance of a Data Protection Plan

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/11/2021
The Importance of a Data Protection Plan

When you’re running your own company, there is a lot to account for. One of the most critical things you will need to maintain is safety and security regarding customers’, clients’, and employees’ confidential materials, as well as the company’s sensitive information. Knowing the importance of a data protection plan will keep your business and those who trust you more secure.

Data Protection Act (DPA)

The Data Protection Act ensures that a company’s customers or employees have access to their own data and can correct it at any time. It protects the privacy and integrity of any data that businesses and other organizations keep on those who interact with the company.

Essential Elements

When it comes to sensitive information, only specific people and entities should be able to retrieve a piece of data. Referred to as the “Triple-A” approach, authentication, authorization, and auditing help manage who has access. Users must prove their identity, have approval for certain roles and permissions, and be audited for what they look at or change. Keeping a record of activity will help identify and track improper or malicious actions.

Securing Information

There are a few ways to secure information when storing current files and destroying data you no longer need. If you are electronically storing data, you should update your software regularly and use encryptions and passwords on all devices. If you need to destroy a drive or disk, use a degausser to render information undecodable. Keep paper documentation locked away with minimal access by only specific people. If you no longer require physical data, you can use one of Capital Shredder’s NSA-approved and highly secure level 6 shreddersto dispose of all documentation safely and permanently.

There are no takebacks when it comes to security breaches containing confidential material. Understanding the importance of a data protection plan will help you guard your business, customers, and employees from data leaks and compromises. Don’t wait when taking precautionary security measures—it’s not worth the risk.

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