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The Different Types of Industrial Shredder Blades

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 4/21/2021
The Different Types of Industrial Shredder Blades

High-capacity industrial paper shreddersare large, high-performing machines for powerful shredding. They can shred a high volume of documents and other things in bulk. They are designed to shred through thick materials such as entire notebooks or even cardboard and are created to endureheavy volumes. Knowing the different types of industrial shredder blades will help you pick the best machine based on your shredding needs.

What’s Being Shredded?

Though we associate shredders with the destruction of paper documents, industrial shredders offer us the ability to shred thicker materials such as a stack of papers, thin plastics, corrugated boxes, and even circuit boards. However, shredders also have the ability to rip up things as delicate as tissue. What an industrial shredder is capable of is determined by the type of paper shredder blades it has. 

How Fine a Cut Do You Need?

Different shredders offer many different cut styles. In deciding on the type of shredding machine needed, consider the different cuts. There are strip-cut shredders, and then there are more fine cuts such as cross-cut and micro-cut. The cuts range in levels of security. For clarification regarding which cut is right, consult the professionals at Capital Shredder to ensure you find the right product for your job.

What are the Blade Type Materials?

The shredder blade type chosen should reflect the materials being destroyed. Hardness ranges depending on the makeup of the blades.

Carburizing Steel Shredder Blade

Carbon diffused into a low carbon steel’s surface is used to increase the carbon content. After being heat-treated, this produces harder steel with a wear-resistant layer.

Tool Steel Shredder Blade

Tool steels are comprised of carbide-forming elements. The different combinations offer distinct characteristics. Using this material offers hardness, wear resistance, and toughness. It also maintains hardness during temperature elevations.

Case Hardened Shredder Blade

Also referred to as surface hardening, case hardened steel is derived from a process in which the hardness of the outer surface of a metal is increased. It’s a very thin layer of metal that’s over a softer metal to give a harder layer coating.

Chromium Low Alloy Steel Shredder Blade

Chromium low alloy steel is creep-resistant, meaning it’s designed to withstand high temperatures. It is useful because of its high strength and corrosion-resistant properties. It can be found in many applications and industries.

If you plan on shredding anything more than a sheet of paper at a time, it’s important to know the different types of industrial shredder blades and machine types in general. These high-powered machines have the capabilities of shredding binders, key cards, and other ways you’ve stored sensitive data.

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