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Industrial Shredders Comparison Chart

At Capital Shredder, we proudly carry a wide range of industrial shredders for sale. There are many features that make an industrial shredder dependable and valuable. Since there are several options, we have organized an industrial shredder comparison chart. Industrial shredders are designed for large volume shredders and are commonly used to disintegrate files, piles of computer forms, cardboard, tapes, ribbons, CDs, and magnetic disks.  

Product Name Cut Type Entry Width Shred Size Sheet Capacity Speed ft/min Motor Peak HP Waste Capacity
5400-S2  Strip Cut 17" 1/4" up to 135  sheets 70 FPM 5.5 HP 90 Gal
5400-S3  Cross Cut 17" 1/4" x 2" up to 120 sheets 70 FPM 5.5 HP 85 Gal
5490-S3  Cross Cut 20" 3/8" x 1-1/2" 320 sheets 50 FPM 8 HP 85 Gal
5500-S3  Cross Cut 20" 5/16" x 2" up to 650 sheets 50 FPM 12.75 HP n/a

What To Consider When Purchasing an Industrial Shredder 

The industrial shredder comparison chart will help you decide which shredder would best suit your organization’s needs. In the paper shredder comparison chart, we have outlined the cut type, entry width, shared size, sheer capacity, speed, motor peak HP, and waste capacity. For more information about each model, click on the specific product name. These powerful paper shredders are a smart investment for all industrial-scale operations. We know that there is a lot to take into consideration before you purchase a shredder, so please make sure you carefully analyze each area.  

Below is a list of common questions you should ask yourself during the decision-making process: 

  • How much material do you want to shred? 
  • What cut type do you want? We sell strip cut and cross cut industrial paper shredder machines. 
  • Consider the shredder’s level of capacity. How often do you want to use the machine? 
  • When thinking about the waste capacity feature, you should know how frequently you would like the waste to be disposed of. The waste capacity section will show just how much waste the shredder can hold. 
  • Are there specific shred-size requirements for your particular industry? If so, take a look at the shred-size section of the industrial shredder comparison chart. 

To learn about the top features of a high-capacity industrial office shredder, check out Capital Shredder’s blog post. Contact our team today if you have any questions. 

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