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Introduction to Degaussing and Why Your Business Needs It

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 1/29/2020
Introduction to Degaussing and Why Your Business Needs It

In recent times businesses have found that it is critical to collect and store a lot of data to facilitate their operations. However, once the data is no longer useful, it must be permanently erased to reduce security threats and instances of invasion of property.

For that reason, many businesses have industrial shredders capable of eliminating data in hard-copy format. But even if you have a level 6 shredder, you still need to get rid of the data in magnetic tapes, laptop hard-drives, and floppy disks. For that purpose, most companies use media degaussers. In this article, we’ll look at what degaussers are and how they can be beneficial for your business.

What Is a Media Degausser?

Many electronic tools that store data, such as floppies and disk drives, use small domains of magnetic fields to record information. Degaussing generally refers to the removal of these magnetic domains from the media.

The degausser is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, whose last name also refers to the unit of measuring magnetic flux. The device creates random patterns of magnetized domains, making the data and information unrecoverable.

However, it is important to note that not all degaussing processes are the same. Some may leave un-randomized patterns of magnetic flux. Also, the strength and efficiency of the device will determine the security level, just as with industrial shredders. Therefore, when choosing media degausses and commercial paper shredders, you should consider your specific application. Take time to determine if the devices can provide the security and privacy level you need for your organization.

There are several advantages in erasing data through degaussing

Safely Erase Data from Hard Drives and Tapes

You may have sensitive data on your old hard drives and tapes. They may include client emails, business documents, or confidential information about your company. You can use industrial shredders to get rid of hard copies, but you can forget the soft copies on your computer.

Deleting the data does not work, since with the right software, you can quickly retrieve the files. There are groups of people who dedicate their time to retrieving data from such devices. Even a hard disk that has broken down can still be compromised.

Compliance with Regulations

How you handle your client’s data is critical for compliance. That is particularly true if you are in the healthcare, banking, or communication industries. Regulations outlined by FACTA and HIPPA require businesses to put in place measures to mitigate identity theft.

HIPPA privacy laws require end-of-life media to be destroyed. The company should ensure the hard-drive is mangled with a suitable industrial shredder. The distortion should be such that it stops any attempts at reading the data. However, degaussing may still be necessary for this instance. The magnetic flux will completely remove the data, preventing any chance of data retrieval in the future.

Also, some organizations often outsource the process of destroying the hard disk to a company that specializes in media shredding. But during transit, there is the risk that someone may access sensitive data. Degaussing ensures that the media will be safe during transportation. You can eliminate mistakes that could cost you a lot of money in non-compliance fines.


Data privacy and security are critical for businesses in the digital age. Deleting information does not guarantee it cannot be accessible in the future. When used in conjunction with level 6 industrial paper shredders, you can rest assured that your client's information will stay safe.

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