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How To Maintain Your Commercial Paper Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 8/31/2020
How To Maintain Your Commercial Paper Shredder

Paper shredding is a vital way to maintain privacy and security within your business. However, just like all appliances, a commercial paper shredder requires proper maintenance for it to perform optimally.

It doesn’t matter the size, brand, or security level of the paper shredder; these basic maintenance tips will help prevent the wearing of the motor and cutting blades.

1. Keep the Commercial Paper Shredder Lubricated

Frequently oiling the paper cutter is a standard maintenance tip for all types of shredders. Your shredder might overheat if left running for long periods without lubrication. Run a wax paper in the shredder to oil it. You can also pour oil on a sheet of paper in a zigzag pattern, and shred it. As the cutters tear up the paper, the oil coats the surface. An adequately lubricated shredder is quieter, runs smoothly, and doesn’t strain the motors.

2. Regularly Clean the Paper Shredder

Most paper shredders require frequent cleaning. However, this depends on the volume of paper you shred.

As the motor runs, some paper strips and dust particles may build up on the cutters, creating a paper jam. Turn off the shredder and unplug it from the socket. Using the user manual as a guide, open up the machine case to expose the blades. Carefully brush over the cutters, taking note of the extra-sharp blades. You can use tweezers to pull off stuck pieces of paper. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, you call a technician to do it on your behalf.

3. Keep Note of the Paper Capacity

Every paper shredder has its maximum shredding capacity. Whether it's six sheets at a time or 20 sheets, ensure that you don’t overstuff the cutter. Overloading the secure paper shredder may cause jamming or a break down of the cutter cylinders. Running the shredder at full capacity throughout may cause quicker wearing down of the motors.

4. Schedule Bin Emptying

A buildup of paper shreds in a full bin may cause issues with jamming and paper dust sticking to the cutters. It is important to use the right bag size as well as plan for regular emptying. Schedule to empty the bin of your commercial paper shredder at least once every month, even when not full. It may help prevent future issues.

5. Proper Use of Your Paper Shredder

Some high capacity paper shredders can cut through different materials, including paper, plastic, and metal. Check the user manual to see the rating for your commercial paper shredder. Don't put any material that is not approved in it as it may permanently destroy the cutters. You may have to remove all paper clips and staples before feeding the paper into the machine. It is also advisable to remove all adhesive, such as stickers, which may gum up the blades.

6. Give Your Shredder Enough Cool Down Time

Every shredder has a maximum run-time before needing a break to cool down. Some commercial paper shredders may automatically shut down to prevent the unit from overheating. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the period you may need to leave the cutters to cool.

High security paper shredders are essential in protecting the privacy of sensitive business documents in your office. Proper maintenance can extend the service life of your paper cutter. For more information on how to better protect your commercial paper shredder, don’t hesitate to contact Capital Shredders Corp.

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