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4 Paper Shredder Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 12/18/2023
4 Paper Shredder Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

Paper shredders are necessary devices to safely dispose of confidential documents. Every so often, paper shredders will suffer damages that need tending to. Here are four simple paper shredder troubleshooting tips and tricks to follow.

Keep a Pair of Tweezers on Hand

At some point, the shredder will inevitably experience a paper jam. Fortunately, a simple tool like a pair of tweezers can come to the rescue. By using tweezers with utmost care, you can effortlessly extract any stubborn pieces of paper that may be stuck in the cutting blades.

Be sure to unplug the shredder beforehand. Whenever a paper jam arises, you’ll have tweezers in your toolkit to swiftly mitigate the problem.

Put the Shredder in Reverse

Shredders often come with a reverse function, which is extremely useful for dealing with paper jams. If the shredder becomes overloaded or jammed, using the reverse function can help clear the congestion. This feature works by spinning the cutting blades in the opposite direction, effectively pushing the paper back out.

Quickly resolving paper jams will prevent potential damage to the shredder’s motor. Using the reverse function will prevent the need for excessive replacements.

Check the Power Supply

Since paper jams are the most persistent issue with paper shredders, double-checking the power supply is often overlooked. It could be that the device blew a fuse.

Regularly checking and replacing these fuses as part of your preventative maintenance routine can help you avoid sudden equipment failure. Always remember to use the correct type and rating of fuse that your shredder's manufacturer recommends.

Lubricate the Blades

The cutting blades of a paper shredder require regular maintenance to ensure optimal functionality. One crucial aspect of this maintenance is frequent lubrication using shredder oil. This specially formulated oil facilitates the smooth operation of the blades to extend your shredder’s lifespan.

To lubricate the blades, apply the oil directly and run a lubrication sheet or a sheet of paper with oil through the shredder. You should ideally perform this process every time you empty the waste bin or more frequently if your shredder sees heavy use.

NSA-approved shredders are the best high-security shredders on the market. Implementing these paper shredder troubleshooting tips and tricks will ensure that these dependable devices last for years.

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