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3 Top Reasons Shredding Is Important

Posted by Administrator on 4/20/2019

Ensuring that confidential information stays that way is critical to any organization. A data security breach can have a seriously negative effect on an organization’s reputation and bottom line. Research tells us that 40% of consumers report that they would stop doing business with an organization that suffers a data breach. Keeping your consumers’ and partners’ trust is key. In addition to electronic data security, using a commercial paper shredder is a great way to keep physical documents secure. Shredding also allows you to save time, avoid fire hazards, and save storage space. Below are serious reasons to up your secure paper shredding efforts and let your target audiences know about it.

Legal Liability. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective as of May 2018, regulates handling of personal data. Full compliance with the GDPR is crucial for many organizations, including U.S. entities, because it applies to any business that handles the data of EU citizens, regardless of whether the business is based in the EU or not. The primary goal of the GDPR is to provide private citizens with increased control over how their data is used by companies. Non-compliance comes with significant fines, so ensuring your practices line up with the GDPR’s rules is important. An industrial office shredder can save a lot here.

Spying Eyes. In addition to protecting customers’ data, it is essential to keep proprietary information secure. Corporate espionage is an operation conducted by one organization against another with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage over that competitor. Documents that are vulnerable to being duplicated and taken in hard copy format include customer data, supplier data, target markets and prospect information, merger and acquisition planning, financial data and plans, existing product specifications and strategies, and new product research and development. Using a high security paper shredder is an easy way to ensure your secrets stay secret and within your organization.

The Environment. Shredding makes recycling easier. Documents that have been run through a commercial paper shredder can be conveniently bagged and taken out for recycling. Using an industrial shredder – and letting your audience know about it – shows that your organization is environmentally friendly. Touting shredding efforts is an easy way to show both your commitment to green programs as well as data security.

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