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Your Guide to a Level 5 Paper Shredder Machine

Posted by on 10/25/2021
Your Guide to a Level 5 Paper Shredder Machine

Choosing a high-security shredder can be a confusing process, especially since there are many different types of shredders and security levels. The best way to choose a shredder for your business or organization is to determine the security level you require. For organizations and businesses that require high levels of security, a level five or six shredder is usually the best choice. Here is your guide to a level five paper shredder machine.

Cross-Cut Shredder

There are a few different types of shredders, including strip-cut and cross-cut machines. People classify the level five shredder as a cross-cut machine. Strip-cut shredders slice papers and documents into long, thin strips, hence the name. On the other hand, cross-cut shredders slice paper into pieces instead of long strips. Since it is more challenging to reconstruct paper pieces than paper strips, the cross-cut shredder is the more secure choice for businesses and organizations.

Security Level 5

You may wonder what it means when businesses classify a shredder as “level five.” Businesses and organizations assign security levels to all shredders. The security levels are numbers one through seven, with one as the least secure and seven as the most secure. As mentioned above, a level five shredder is a cross-cut machine, and it slices paper into pieces that are around 30mm2 in length and around 2mm in width. Many businesses and organizations use a level five shredder because it can keep their confidential information safe and secure.

Benefits of a Level 5 Paper Shredder

Every business or organization wants to know how a machine can benefit them. With a high-security shredder, your business or organization can ensure that classified content remains safe and out of the wrong hands. Also, a secure shredder improves your company’s reputation, ensures that you comply with federal laws, allows you to recycle easily, and helps you create an organized office.

This is your guide to a level five paper shredder machine. For level five and other high-security paper shredders, visit the Capital Shredder Corp website today.

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