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Why Shredding Is Essential in Document Management

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 9/16/2022
Why Shredding Is Essential in Document Management

With more companies than ever choosing to move their paper document libraries over to the digital space, document management is becoming a hot topic. Digital document management is a convenient way to access and secure your documents, but it’s important to make sure your transition to the digital world is seamless and safe. Learn why shredding is an essential part of the document management and digitization process.

What Is Business Document Management?

Document management systems are a modern take on document storage and organization. Document management uses computer-based cloud storage services to store, categorize, and organize your documents for more convenient and secure management. Digital document systems also allow you to access, edit, and share your documents much easier than before. While it used to take your scanner, printer, and computer ages to copy and send a document, now cloud computing systems can perform these tasks in seconds.

Why Shredding Matters

If your business decides to undergo the process of digitizing and transferring your document library over to a document management system, you will still be left with your original paper documents. Once you secure and back up documents on your digital document management system, having paper copies lying around only puts your information at risk. Physical documents with confidential information are more likely to be stolen or improperly thrown away. Therefore, you should always shred excess copies of your personal documents after uploading them. Shredding your outdated paper documents in a high-security shredder will prevent theft and improper disposal of your business’s information.

Best Shredders for Document Management

Now that you know why shredding is so important, you should also learn which shredders are the best fit for the job. Shifting your entire library of paper documents to the digital space can be a daunting task, and it will leave your business with a lot of obsolete paper files left over. To save time and create an efficient shredding system, consider choosing a high-volume shredderor even an industrial paper shredder. The key is to choose a shredder that has a higher shredding limit over a traditional deskside shredder. These smaller models are not made for large-scale shredding jobs and will overheat quickly and frequently. High-volume shredders, on the other hand, can hold larger shredding jobs before overheating.

As you start to shift your paper documents from print to digital, don’t forget why shredding is essential to document management. And if you need a high-volume shredder to make your document disposal process safer and easier, remember that Capital Shredder Corp. has all the models your business needs.

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