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Why Confidential Waste Management Is Important

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 12/8/2022
Why Confidential Waste Management Is Important

Every business handles confidential information on finances, employees, and customer accounts. All this data is a prime target for hackers and thieves. Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize why confidential waste management is so important—keep reading to learn the benefits of proper information disposal.

Prevent Information Theft

Cyber attacks aren’t the only way criminals can target your business’s confidential information. The information you throw away is an easy target for criminals looking through dumpsters. By accidentally tossing documents containing passwords and other account data, those physical documents and paper waste can lead to online data theft. Using confidential waste management methods such as shredding can reduce your business’s risk of privacy breaches and information falling into the wrong hands.

How To Protect Your Customer and Employee Information

If not only to protect your business’s information, you should participate in responsible information management for the sake of your employees and customers. Every business has confidential employee information on file and customer data stored in management software. Always handle employee paperwork such as resumes, tax forms, payroll, and more with care. Your business may store customer information on hard drives and server backups, so always dispose of these properly. Hard drives and other computer accessories should go through a degausser or disintegrator machine for proper disposal.

Compliance With Local and Federal Law

Confidential waste management helps your business comply with local and federal information security laws. These laws and regulations require each of your business' departments to participate to achieve business compliance. This means you should hold regular training courses for new employees on information security and disposal.

Saves Your Business Time and Money

You can help prevent information security breaches and even lawsuits by simply practicing confidential waste management. These events can cause losses and bring business to a halt, wasting time and money. Prevent these events in the first place by managing your documents and digital information storage more carefully. Once this information becomes outdated, utilize responsible destruction methods such as shredding and degaussing to promote complete information destruction. By using these methods, criminals won’t be able to recover your data and attack your company.

Because confidential waste management is so important, your business must have the means to participate in responsible disposal. If you’re looking for a secure paper shredder or degausser, trust Capital Shredder as your go-to paper shredder company. We offer high-security shredders that pass rigorous security tests. Start following confidential waste management guidelines with help from Capital Shredder.

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