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What Your Business Should Know About Chain of Custody

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 4/20/2023
What Your Business Should Know About Chain of Custody

Chain of custody documentation is a type of paper trail that helps many businesses stay organized. If you’re not familiar with this type of documentation, keep reading to learn what your business should know about chain of custody. You’ll also learn how keeping these records can benefit your business and improve your production.

What Is Chain of Custody?

Chain of custody documentation tracks a product’s movements and updates throughout every stage of the supply chain. This documentation records a product’s information from purchase to final delivery. It works as a receipt that helps business owners control inventory and transactions.

Benefits of Chain of Custody

Using chain of custody reports can help your business in a variety of ways. This documentation provides another way to trace inventory. Many businesses use digital means of tracking and recording their supply chain, but chain of custody documentation also provides a physical copy.

Recording chain of custody documents allows you to analyze your business’s supply chain in a new way. These reports can help you observe distribution lines and highlight potential delays or losses that could reduce your product’s delivery times, quality, or value. Using chain of custody documentation can help you understand your business’s supply lines and what goes into delivering your final product.

Handling Chain of Custody Documents

Chain of custody documents contain specific details on a business’s stock and the people and locations that interact with this inventory. Your chain of custody documents will contain personal information, such as the names of your manufacturers and customers, locations, dates, serial numbers, and more. You probably don’t want thieves or competitors getting their hands on this information, so you should be careful about handling and disposing of old chain of custody documents. Always use a high-security shredding machine before disposing of confidential documents.

Now that you understand what you should know about chain of custody documentation, you may adopt this system at your own business. If you produce high volumes of documents, including chain of custody reports, your office may need a large shredderto handle the paper flow. At Capital Shredder, we provide all types of shredders, from personal deskside models to large-scale industrial shredders. We’ll help you find the perfect device to destroy any business reports safely.

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