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What Types of Media Can a Disintegrator Shredder Destroy?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 1/13/2022
What Types of Media Can a Disintegrator Shredder Destroy?

Does your business deal with classified customer, employee, financial, and general business information on various resources? For such an office, you must have several shredders ready to aid the safe disposal of classified documents and other resources. However, not all shredders are equal. If your office produces classified materials that span beyond paper, you may need a disintegrator shredder. And if you’re wondering, “What types of media can a disintegrator shredder destroy?” keep reading to learn all the details.

Paper Products

Every office contains important and confidential information in paper form, usually filed away in a secure place. Paper materials like contracts, banking information, financial records, and invoices are all extremely important to keep safe and dispose of properly when the time comes. You may have a standard paper shredder in your office already. But if you use any of the following other media that you can’t place in a paper shredder, you may want to invest in a multimedia shredder to save space.


Depending on the strength and specifications of your current shredder, it’s likely that it can’t handle destroying plastics. You probably have one or multiple credit cards that you use exclusively for your business. Sometimes, simply cutting the credit cards that you need to dispose of isn’t enough to keep your information safe and secure. This is where the disintegrator shredder comes in. This shredder helps make sure that your credit cards, ID cards, and more become carefully destroyed so that you can dispose of them with peace of mind.

Computer Accessories

Not all confidential business information is physical. Many modern businesses have classified information stored on computers and servers to access virtually. They keep backups of this information on hard drives, disks, flash drives, and more. The safest way to dispose of these materials when you no longer need them is to utilize a disintegrator shredder.

When it comes to keeping your business safe, don’t forget about the sensitive information you have stored away in various mediums other than paper. We hope this helps answer the question, “What types of media can a disintegrator shredder destroy?” If you’re interested in enhancing your business’s information security with a government-approved media shredder, browse our selection at Capital Shredder.

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