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What To Do With Degaussed Media: Reuse or Recycle

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 8/27/2021

Usually, businesses and organizations place confidential information on paper, but some prefer to store it on disks, hard drives, cassette tapes, and other options as backups. While shredding paper documents is easy, it takes a little more work to cleanse a hard drive of important information. That’s why people often search for a degaussing machine for sale. Degaussing machines allow you to completely remove the information from these tapes and hard drives without destroying them. However, many people are unsure of what to do with the tapes and hard drives after the degaussing process. Here is what to do with degaussed media.

What Is Degaussing?

If you are unsure of what degaussing is and how it works, here’s a short explanation. Degaussing removes the information from a device by removing the device’s magnetism. It is completely safe, and you can avoid destroying the device. Many people use a degaussing machine for this process to ensure that the information is unrecoverable.

Reuse Degaussed Media

Many people are unsure of what to do with degaussed disks, hard drives, tapes, et cetera. Since the devices don’t appear damaged, people often think they can reuse them. Unfortunately, degaussing usually renders the device unusable. Hard drives, disks, and more modern devices cannot be reused. However, older devices, such as reel tapes, can occasionally be reused after the process.

Recycle Degaussed Media

Recycling is the best way to dispose of degaussed media. Instead of throwing these devices away, most companies choose to recycle. The metals and pieces in the disks and hard drives can be repurposed and reused. In addition, some recycling companies will pay for the degaussed media since it is intact, and the metals are reusable.

Now you know what to do with degaussed media and recycling is your best option. If you need a degaussing machine for your business or organization, browse our wide selection at Capital Shredder Corp for reliable, quality machines.

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