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What Makes Paper Shredding Environmentally Friendly?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/1/2023
What Makes Paper Shredding Environmentally Friendly?

Many commercial offices and organizations make use of paper shredders, but do you know if your workplace is using your shredder sustainably? Don’t simply throw out your paper scraps once you’re done shredding. Shredders create unique ways for your office to be more sustainable. If you’re looking for ways to adopt greener habits in your office, keep reading to learn what makes paper shredding so environmentally friendly.

Shredding Allows You To Recycle

Many business leaders know that you should never recycle documents that could contain confidential information. This is because thieves could easily discover this information by gaining access to your business’s waste. Fortunately, you can conceal your confidential information and make these documents safe to recycle in one simple step. Using a high-security paper shredder turns your confidential documents into tiny paper scraps that are virtually impossible to recover. This makes them safe to recycle without compromising your business’s information.

Shredding Makes Composting Easy

Paper is a crucial ingredient in any good compost pile. When building a compost pile, you want to layer your “green” ingredients with “brown” materials. Most people think of fruit and vegetable skins and lawn clippings when they think of compost, but these materials only make up the “green” group. Paper scraps, sawdust, dry leaves, and more all make up the “brown” category. Shredders create tiny paper particles that are perfect for mixing into your compost pile to absorb odors and encourage breakdown.

You Can Reuse Paper Particles

Recycling and composting aren’t the only ways to keep paper particles out of landfills. There are plenty of unique uses for these particles around homes and office buildings, which is where you’ll commonly find shredders. One option is to use shredded paper as packing material for storage boxes, shipping containers, and other precious cargo. If you want to try creating your own recycled materials, you can also use these particles to create a pulp and make your own paper. There are many fun and unique options for reducing paper waste.

These combined factors are what make paper shredding so environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for ways to make your business more sustainable, start shredding documents, recycling, and reusing the scraps. Whether you need a deskside shredder for a home office or a large office shredder that can handle substantial loads, you can find the model you need at Capital Shredder.

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