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What Makes a Paper Shredder High Security?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/17/2022
What Makes a Paper Shredder High Security?

Are you looking for a high-security paper shredder for your business, government facility, or another workplace? You may be wondering, “What makes a paper shredder high security?” If you’re curious about the different security levels of paper shredders and how each model meets these standards, then keep reading to learn more about high-security shredders.

Security Level

Paper shredders each have a different security level assigned to them. The range starts at the low-security end with the P-1 security level and goes up to the maximum-security level of P-7. For a paper shredder to receive a “high-security” classification, it must fall into the range of P-5 to P-7. You may wonder how a shredder falls into a certain security level. The main factor that determines this is the type of cut that each shredder performs.

Type of Cut

The type of cut is the deciding factor of a shredder’s security level. Paper shredder security starts at the basic level with the strip-cut method, then strengthens with cross-cutting, mini-cutting, and finally micro-cutting. Micro-cut paper shredders offer the most security because they shred each sheet of paper into 2000 particles or more. Compare this to the strip-cut method, which shreds papers into up to 100 strips, and you can see how much more security the micro-cut method offers. There are even higher levels of security, including the super micro-cut shredder and the high-security cut shredder. These cutting types are also high-security determiners.

The Different Types of High-Security Shredders

Once you understand the qualifications and categories that a shredder must fit to be “high security,” you can explore the various options of high-security shredders. Many high-security shredders have features to make paper shredding faster and easier to expedite your processes around the office. High-security shredders come in various sizes, some with smaller wastebaskets and some with larger ones. Larger wastebaskets help accommodate larger paper loads during the shredding process. You don’t want your shredder to jam mid-way through shredding a confidential document, so many high-security shredders feature technology that prevents paper jams as well.

Now that you know what makes a paper shredder high security, you have a better idea of what type of shredder is best for your work environment. And if you’re still on the hunt for a high-security disintegrator or paper shredder, then visit Capital Shredder online. You can find a wide selection of high-security, NSA-approved shredders right here with us.

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