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What Kind of Oil Is Used for Commercial Shredders?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 4/22/2022
What Kind of Oil Is Used for Commercial Shredders?

Did you know that you can oil your commercial paper shredder to keep it in good condition and prevent jams? Many shredder owners don’t realize this, which leads them to ask the question, “What kind of oil is used for commercial shredders?” Find out the importance of oiling your paper shredder, what type of oil to use, and more.

The Purpose of Shredder Oil

Most consumers don’t realize it, but almost all paper shredders require lubrication to run smoothly and continue shredding documents. Regularly oiling your commercial shredder with the proper type of shredder oil will improve performance and even extend your shredder’s lifespan. This is because oil helps lubricate the blades, keeping them sharp and in good condition. By lubricating your shredder, you also prevent future paper jams and other complications.

The Kind of Shredder Oil To Use

You should only use vegetable-based oils for lubricating your shredder. Never use aerosol oils, as these lubricants are petroleum based, which means they could pose a serious fire risk. Try to find a specialty shredder oil, especially when looking for lubricants for a commercial shredder. High-security shredder oil is ideal for larger-capacity commercial shredders. You can even find these oils in bulk quantities to stock up if your office uses larger shredders or has many shredders.

How To Oil Your Commercial Shredder

Some commercial shredders have an auto-oil feature that helps easily and evenly apply oil to the blades. You can also apply the oil by holding down the reverse button. Whichever method you use, you should then squeeze your oil of choice across the blades along the paper entry. Continue pressing the reverse button or running the auto-oil feature to ensure that the oil coats the blades evenly.

The quick process of applying shredder oil is an effective way to keep your commercial shredder running at its best. We hope this brief guide helped answer the question, “What kind of oil is used for commercial shredders?” and explain shredder oiling in general. Here at Capital Shredder, we carry everything from paper shredders to shredder supplies. Look no further to find an NSA-approved under-desk paper shredder for your office and the oil to keep it running for years to come.

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