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What Degaussing Is and How It Works

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 3/2/2021
What Degaussing Is and How It Works

If you’ve got old disk media, hard drives, tapes, key cards, or more, degaussing is the ideal way to eliminate the potential for data to fall into the wrong hands, get lost, or leaked. Understanding the process and the types of machines will give you a better understanding of what degaussing is and how it works.

Media Destruction

The impairment of unwanted media is important because it prevents you from experiencing security breaches, sensitive information falling into the hands of people with malicious intent, or simply losing track of devices that we rarely use anymore. With improvements in technology and the use of cloud backups, we often now wipe many of our devices by restoring them to the factory settings. There are, however, some materials that contain information that cannot be internally terminated.

The Process

Degaussing is a process where data is disrupted by a degaussing machine. It uses magnetic fields to change the magnetic domain that is stored. The shift in domain renders the information unreadable and unrecoverable. The field works to entirely neutralize all device data and more or less jumble it in a way that no one can ever restore it.


The different types of degausser necessary for a task will depend on the channel for data storage. The power of the machine is contingent on what you’re degaussing and how large the item is. There are four main degausser types to explore depending on the space you have, the machine strength you need, whether you want it to operate manually or automatically, and the level of safety protection gear you’ll be using. Capital Shredder offers a wide range of degaussing machines for salethat are NSA-approved to maintain the best assistance in confidential media destruction.

A lot of people are unfamiliar with the degaussing process, which leaves them and their data at risk. Understanding what degaussing is and how it works allows you to take the necessary steps to maintain safety. Especially in business situations, degaussing is an essential part of keeping information about customers, employees, billing, and any other private information secure and properly eliminated.

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