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Ways To Increase the Lifespan of Your Paper Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 8/30/2023
Ways To Increase the Lifespan of Your Paper Shredder

A shredder is a vital part of operations, as it helps you control your data and manage storage. Investing properly in your shredders can help you as a company and make a big difference in the long run. However, you should learn how to increase the lifespan of your paper shredder to protect your investment.

Lubricate the Shredder

One of the main things you can do to protect your paper shredders is regularly apply lubrication to them. The blades constantly spin and rub against the materials you put through them, causing a lot of friction and wear to the inner parts of the device. Follow the user manual to know more about how to lubricate your specific shredder.

Keep a Shredder Cleaning Schedule

When your shredder tears through the paper you need to destroy, it gathers all sorts of paper dust and other small particles. You’ll want to clean your shredder every few weeks to a month to keep it working. Be careful and unplug the shredder when you clean it. The blades are very sharp, and you should never get close to it when using or cleaning it.

Follow Load Limits

One mistake lots of people make when using their shredder is trying to load more than it can handle. Every shredder has a limit to how much it can cut through at one time. Going over that limit can cause jams and permanently damage the shredder. That’s why you should only ever use the shredder the proper way.

Unplug Your Shredder

You should go the extra mile and unplug your shredder when you aren’t using it. Even when it’s not shredding something, it can still drain power and move the parts internally. This slowly builds up wear on your shredder and causes unnecessary damage. That’s why unplugging is one of the best ways to improve the lifespan of your paper shredder.

Your shredders are important for the continued maintenance and organization of your company. Dealing with the paperwork and data you create and store is vital for storage management. That’s why you should know how to take care of your shredder.

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