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The Most Secure Paper Shredding Methods To Use

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 11/11/2022
The Most Secure Paper Shredding Methods To Use

Some industries work with more confidential information and documents than others. These businesses and organizations require higher levels of security when it comes to document destruction. If your business or organization needs high-security document destruction, you need to know how to choose a secure shredder. Here are some of the most secure paper shredding methods to use and the qualities to look for in a shredder.

Micro-Cut and Particle-Cut Shredding

Micro-cut and particle-cut shredders make up the highest tier of shredder security levels. Certain organizations and industries utilize these types of shredders for their elevated levels of information security and document destruction. Government agencies, medical facilities, and other high-security locations must take extra caution when shredding confidential documents and files. Micro-cut and particle-cut shredders turn a single page of paper into thousands of paper particles, making them unrecoverable. Certified high-security shredders often feature micro-cut and particle-cut methods because of their level of security.

Cross-Cut Shredding

Cross-cut shredding is another secure method of paper shredding, but it doesn’t reach the same level of security as micro-cut shredders. However, if you’re looking for a secure shredding method for personal or regular business documents, cross-cut shredding is suitable for confidential destruction. Because micro-cut and particle-cut shredders can be costly, many businesses utilize cross-cut shredding as a more accessible option that still maintains information security. Cross-cut shredders offer more protection than strip-cut shredders and fall in the middle of the security ranking scale.

Pierce and Tear Shredding

Pierce and tear shredding is often a feature of mobile and transport shredding systems. This type of shredding is one of the most high-security methods for handling large numbers of documents. During this process, rotating blades with teeth puncture the paper before the teeth tear it apart. Pierce and tear shredding services can shred as much as 6,000 pounds of paper in an hour, which makes this method ideal for industrial shredding.

These are some of the most secure paper shredding methods to use for your document destruction needs. If you're looking for paper shredders that offer both security and large-scale shredding, browse our selection of large-capacity shredders at Capital Shredder. All our shredders are HIPAA certified and tested for security, so you can trust them for your document destruction.

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