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The Most Common Types of Data Destruction

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 6/30/2023
The Most Common Types of Data Destruction

Does your business use data storage devices such as hard drives or Solid-State Drives to store confidential information? These devices are helpful for organizing your commercial information, but they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. You should always destroy these devices when they become obsolete to protect your business’s data; do you know the best ways to do so? Here are some of the most common types of data destruction you should know.

Overwriting Data

Overwriting data involves saving new data over old data that you want to erase or no longer need. When overwriting data, a new pattern of ones and zeros will replace the original information. This process allows you to erase old data while using the same hardware.

However, this method offers the least amount of security for your data. Many modern computer storage systems have features designed to prevent data loss, which can make rewriting information unreliable for erasing all versions of your documents.

Using Degaussing Machines

Degaussing is the process of scrambling the data on a device until it is unrecoverable. Degaussing machines use high-powered magnets to disrupt the magnetic field of the data storage device in question. This process is ideal for destroying the data on hard drives and other magnetic devices. However, this device can’t destroy the data on non-magnetic storage devices such as CDs and Solid-State Devices because it relies on magnetic fields.

Physically Destroying Data Devices

The safest and most effective way to destroy data on storage devices is to destroy the device itself. Industrial shredding machines or multi-media shredders are best suited for destroying CDs, hard drives, and Solid-State Devices. Of course, the physical destruction process means you won’t be able to reuse these devices. If you’re destroying old media or want to be more careful with your data privacy, using a heavy-duty shredding machine is one of the most secure methods.

Use these common types of data destruction to protect your personal or commercial data when disposing of your devices. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty office shredder to protect your business’s information, browse our selection of machines at Capital Shredder. We provide heavy-duty shredders capable of destroying copious quantities of paper and storage devices.

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