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Reasons Your Paper Shredder Is Making So Much Noise

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 1/29/2024
Reasons Your Paper Shredder Is Making So Much Noise

You’re familiar with the regular hum of the office paper shredder. Recently, the comforting hum may have transformed into a strenuous sound with each use.

It’s important to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the device. Find out the following reasons why your paper shredder is making so much noise.

Lack of Lubrication

Like any machine with moving metal parts, a paper shredder requires regular lubrication to function optimally. The cutting blades must slide smoothly past each other to effectively cut through paper.

Without sufficient lubrication, friction increases and emits an unpleasant screeching or grinding sound. Letting this issue continue will accelerate the wearing of the shredder.

Inadequate lubrication is easy to correct by adding shredder oil, a specific type of lubricant designed for paper shredders. The procedure typically involves applying the oil evenly across the width of the shredder opening and then running the shredder in reverse for a few seconds. This ensures the oil spreads over the cutting blades. You should lubricate periodically to quiet a noisy shredder and prolong its lifespan.

Misaligned Motor

The motor powers the rotation of the cutting blades. If the motor is misaligned, it can cause the blades to spin unevenly or with excessive vibration. This often causes an exceptionally loud and disruptive noise.

Fixing a misaligned motor isn’t a task for the untrained. It involves opening the shredder, diagnosing the misalignment, then carefully repositioning the motor. Be sure to seek a professional if you suspect a misaligned motor is the culprit of the troublesome sounds.

Overloaded Shredder

Every shredder is different, so the amount of material one can handle may not be the same as that of another.

A common reason your paper shredder continuously makes so much noise is that you’re overloading it. Over time, consistent overloading can damage the shredder, leading to even more noise and eventual mechanical failures.

If you want to avoid this issue, you have two options. You can introduce paper into the shredder at a slower pace and with fewer pieces at a time.

The other option is to implement a high-volume paper shredder in your office. You can operate the shredder at the previous pace without suffering the effects of overloading.

Poor Cleaning Habits

Another reason your paper shredder is making so much noise may be that you don’t clean it adequately. When shredding, the device generates small bits of paper and dust that can build up, clog the blades, and cause the motor to work harder than necessary. This strain on the motor can lead to louder operation and even overheating if not addressed promptly.

A good rule of thumb is to clean the shredder every time you empty the waste bin. Cleaning a shredder typically involves unplugging the machine, removing the waste bin, and carefully clearing any paper remnants from the blades using a soft brush or canned air. You can loosen stubborn debris stuck in the blades with a pair of tweezers.

Paper shredders are valuable resources in office environments. If you want the device to last, you need to conduct proper cleaning and lubrication without overloading it. This will produce the best results and keep it fully functional.

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