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Myths About Hard Drive Destruction You Should Know

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 11/30/2022
Myths About Hard Drive Destruction You Should Know

Businesses use hard drives for everything, from data storage to server backups. Regardless of how you use these devices at your business, they likely contain confidential information. Don’t let this information fall into the wrong hands by relying on misconceptions about erasing hard drives. Here are some common myths about hard drive destruction you should know before disposing of your next device.

Myth: Storing Hard Drives Keeps Them Safe

Just like storing paper files and documents is dangerous, keeping physical copies of your hard drives will only put your business at risk. Criminals know what to look for during break-ins and internal theft cases; your paper files and hard drive storage devices are at the top of the list. To prevent your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands, it’s crucial to destroy and dispose of your outdated paper files and storage devices so they’re not targets.

Myth: You Can Damage Hard Drives To Prevent Access

One of the biggest myths about hard drive destruction is that you can perform it yourself with just a few simple tools you’d find in a tool shed. However, bashing a hard drive with a hammer or running it over with a car won’t destroy a hard drive sufficiently. Plus, using power tools and smashing hard drives as a DIY project can be dangerous. Without eye protection and other protective gear, you could seriously hurt yourself while fleetingly attempting to destroy the devices.

Myth: Everyday Magnets Can Erase Hard Drives

Your work or home refrigerator isn’t powerful enough to erase the complex data on a hard drive. Even larger magnets can’t erase all the information or ensure hackers can’t recover it. DIY hard drive destruction methods can be dangerous because, in most cases, the information isn’t really gone. Therefore, you should never trust home destruction techniques.

Fact: How To Properly Destroy Hard Drives

Now that you know which methods don’t work for hard drive destruction, you might wonder how to protect your information. Utilize a professional shredding service or invest in a professional media shredder or degausser for your business. Many businesses store server data on drives regularly, which means your business will have many to destroy. Choose a high-security shredding system like one from Capital Shredder. We test and certify each of our shredders for maximum information protection.

The next time you reach for a hammer or mallet to smash your storage devices, remember these myths about hard drive destruction you should know. Don’t settle for anything less than professional-level information safety. Browse our selection of commercial office shredders and degaussers here at Capital Shredder to protect your business today.

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