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How To Find NSA-Approved Shredders

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 3/2/2021
How To Find NSA-Approved Shredders

Whether your shredding needs are for at home or an office, your level of desired security may vary. For companies that keep files with others’ personal information and other important data, unnecessary paperwork must be destroyed promptly and thoroughly. Knowing how to find NSA-approved shredders will allow you to obtain the ideal machinery to maintain privacy.

Determine Your Needs

Though all sensitive information is important to keep secure, if you are working within a business, leaking others’ financial and personal information could mean legal ramifications. Determining what shredding machine you need will often come down to how small the shredded pieces need to be (based on the data being destroyed), how often you’ll use the shredder, and the level of security required.

Consult the NSA

For questions regarding whether a shredder is approved by the NSA (National Security Agency) or not, you can consult their website to download a comprehensive list of evaluated and approved products. Additionally, Capital Shredder is sure to label each one of our NSA-approved products to take the guesswork out of your search. We know how important security is, which is why we explicitly list pertinent information about these products, security level, and cut type.

Research Available Shredders

When determining which is the best maximum security shredderfor a particular circumstance, Capital Shredder not only lists each product offered in detail, but provides literature on the differences between cut types, implementing a data protection plan, ways to maintain security, and an explanation of DIN Protection Classes; basically, the higher the number, the smaller the shredded pieces will need to be. It’s important to obtain a comprehensive overview of the key characteristics that set shedders apart to select the right one for your needs.

Knowing how to find NSA-approved shredders will benefit you greatly as you start your search. Turn to Capital Shredder for additional questions or clarification while browsing these high-quality shredding machines. Just like the NSA and DoD, Capital Shredder has your best interests in mind regarding the secure and permanent destruction of data.

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