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How to Choose the Best High-Capacity Shredder for Your Office

Posted by CapitalShredderCorp on 6/16/2020
How to Choose the Best High-Capacity Shredder for Your Office

Even with the rapidly expanding digital footprint, paper records are far from being obsolete. In fact, the US paper consumption in 2018 stood at 92 million tons. Paper contracts and mails are still essential in the running of most businesses. However, their unsafe disposal still increases the risk of a data breach.

49% of consumers think that their security habits make them vulnerable to identity theft or other information frauds. The Ponemon Institute estimates that the average office breach cost $4 million and usually involves over 25,000 compromised documents.

A high capacity shredder allows you to shred the papers to avoid exposing sensitive details to the wrong eyes. Here are six tips you may use to choose the best paper shredder for your office.

Shredder and Paper Cut Style

The commercial paper shredder you choose for your office will be determined by the security and compliance requirements in your industry.

Under the DIN security standards, P1 and P2 level shredders use strip cut with large particle size. The shredders are low security. With patience, one can reconstruct the papers to readable data. Confidential records require a minimum of the P3 level, which uses cross-cut shredding. P5 to P7 levels use micro-cuts that shred the paper to tiny particles that cannot be reassembled. Level 6 shredders are the standard for high-risk offices such as government agencies, financial institutions, and health facilities.

Manual Vs. Auto-Feed

A manual feeding shredder requires more hands-on attention. You feed in the paper sheets in small batches by hand. These shredders are preferable when handling for extra-sensitive data. Auto-feeding shredders can accommodate larger quantities. You can lock the machine with a security pin and continue doing other work as it shreds.

Sheet and Bin Capacity

Basic paper shredders have a low capacity and can only shred a few sheets of paper at a time. A high capacity shredder can accommodate loads of sheets at a time. Some machines can hold large batches and shred up to 600 sheets at a go. Larger bins mean less frequent emptying. The capacity is usually measured in gallons.

Safety Protocols

Manufacturers continue to improve on the safety features of their models. Modern commercial paper shredders have an auto-start and auto-stop functions that automatically detect paper when the paper is fed. Your fingers don’t have to be near the cutters. Bin interlock stops a shredder from working till the bin is correctly connected to the machine. A thermal switch turns off the device when it overheats.

Additional Features

Paper is not the only material that may require destruction within an office setting. Flash drives, optical disks, and credit cards may also need to be destroyed in the same manner. A heavy-duty shredder has slots that fit the disks and cards, crushing them into tiny unreadable pieces.

Energy Efficiency

A high capacity shredder may consume a lot of electricity, driving up the operational costs. Choosing an energy-efficient machine may help you curb power usage. Some models incorporate a sleep feature that automatically shuts off the shredder when it is not in use.

In Conclusion

Data breaches can be costly when the information falls into the wrong hands. High capacity shredders can help reduce the risk by ensuring your paper documents are disposed of effectively. If you need additional information, the team at Capital Shredder is always available for a live chat. Contact us today! 

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