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How Shredding Cardboard Benefits Your Business

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/17/2023
How Shredding Cardboard Benefits Your Business

Certain types of shredders can shred more than paper. For example, some industrial-sized shredder models can handle thick cardboard materials and other packaging. Knowing this, you might still be wondering why businesses would bother shredding these materials in the first place. Keep reading to learn how shredding cardboard boxes and other materials can benefit your business.

Helps Organize and Clear Your Space

The biggest reason many companies use multi-media shredders is to break down large boxes that take up space around their offices and warehouses. If your business is stuffed with large boxes that are serving no purpose, consider investing in an industrial paper shredder to break down these eyesores. A cardboard shredder can help you organize your workspace and clear out these unwanted items.

Provides Affordable Packaging

While you can simply recycle the shredded cardboard your business produces, another option is to utilize it in your warehouse and other spaces. For example, shredded cardboard makes an excellent packing material for shipping products. Cardboard provides a thicker, more protective option to secure even fragile items. It offers more insulation than shredded paper alone, which helps protect objects during transit. Whether you use it to ship products out of your warehouse or simply to store breakable items, consider using more cardboard shavings around your workplace.

Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reusing cardboard for packaging and other applications around your business helps promote sustainability. By reusing and recycling paper materials, your packing team can avoid using wasteful plastic-based products such as bubble wrap. When our businesses use and produce fewer plastic materials, fewer plastic items end up in landfills and our environment. And because most plastics are made using fossil fuels, using and reusing more cardboard resources can help minimize your business’s carbon footprint.

Now that you know how shredding cardboard can benefit your business, consider investing in an industrial shredder yourself. If you’re ready to browse different models, you can find large paper shredders here at Capital Shredder. Start utilizing more materials like cardboard that have been lying around your workplace today with the help of a new shredding machine.

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