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How Paper Shredders Help Prevent Data Breaches

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 12/13/2022
How Paper Shredders Help Prevent Data Breaches

Paper shredders are excellent tools for any office or workplace. They promote information security and prevent thieves from gaining access to your information. Learn how paper shredders help prevent data breaches and safeguard your confidential information.

Minimize Chances of Stolen Documents

While many businesses place the most importance on digital data protection, protecting your traditional documents is just as vital. Paper documents pose just as much risk for data breaches as digital files. In fact, many unsuspecting businesses are at more risk of leaking information through traditional documents when they carelessly dispose of paper files.

Shredding confidential documents and files before throwing them away prevents thieves from obtaining information through waste disposal channels. Keep confidential documents for only as long as you’re legally required, then shred them before disposing of them.

Shred-All Policies

Not every document that passes through your business contains sensitive information. However, sorting through documents to determine which contain sensitive information and which don’t can waste time. There’s also the possibility of human error, and some confidential documents could slip through the cracks. Many businesses enforce a shred-all policy to promote information security. Once your business has the right shredder to handle your office’s shredding requirements, you can enforce a shred-all policy.

Importance of High-Security Shredding

While shredding can effectively prevent data breaches, your information is only as secure as your shredder itself. While a strip-cut shredder is suitable for basic shredding tasks, a high-security shredder is necessary for handling personal and confidential information. This is especially true in business and government applications, which require high-security document management. If you’re looking for high-security shredders for your school, business, or organization, Capital Shredder can match you with our certified and tested high-quality shredding systems.

As you prepare your business or organization for the new year, evaluate your current document management strategies. Remember how paper shredders help prevent data breaches as you inspect your workplace’s current shredding system. If you think it’s time to upgrade your system or invest in a new model, turn to Capital Shredder for all your high-security shredding needs.

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