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How Document Shredding Can Protect Your Business

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 4/6/2023
How Document Shredding Can Protect Your Business

While it may not seem that crucial to your daily activities and tasks in your workplace, shredding is a key component for keeping your business safe and secure. Every workplace should use a shredding machine or service to take care of confidential or outdated files, documents, and more. Keep reading to learn how document shredding can protect your business and its information.

Prevents Identity Theft

Your business’s confidential documents often contain personal contacts and other identifying information. Criminals pilfer documents from businesses’ trash, so your identifying information is at risk without proper disposal. Shredding these documents before disposing of them helps prevent you or others in your business from falling victim to identity theft. Certain organizations are more likely to become targets of thieves, such as medical offices, government facilities, and more, so these facilities should take extra caution in disposing of documents.

Improves Security and Confidentiality

Document security is extremely important for protecting your confidential information and preventing leaks. Whether you have documents lying around your office or documents that your employees throw out, you don’t want them to contain information that your competitors or leakers could use against you. To keep your business’s sensitive information safe, practice shredding before throwing away or recycling documents. You should also regularly organize and purge old files to keep your filing system updated and manageable.

Protects Against Legal Issues

Confidentiality isn’t only an issue when it comes to your business—it applies to your customers and clients as well. In fact, various security laws and guidelines exist to preserve client, customer, and employee confidentiality. FACTA and other federal laws outline the proper disposal of confidential information pertaining to businesses and their employees, customers, and clients. Shredding is one way to dispose of this information safely and securely, which is why many businesses rely on it to meet these laws and guidelines.

These are some of the ways document shredding can protect your business. Every business can find a shredder that meets its needs and keeps up with the paper flow. For example, if your office goes through bulk quantities of paper at one time, you may need a high-capacity shredder to keep up with the disposal needs. Browse our various shredder sizes at Capital Shredder to find a model that fits your workplace.

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