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4 Questions To Ask Before Buying a High-Security Shredder

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 5/12/2022
4 Questions To Ask Before Buying a High-Security Shredder

Choosing the right shredder for your business is critical. Some businesses, such as banking institutions or government facilities, are required to use shredders of a particular security level. Before you choose a paper shredder or disintegrator for your business, make sure you know these four questions to ask before buying a high-security shredder.

What Security Level Do You Need?

There are seven levels of security when it comes to paper shredders. If you’re looking for a high-security shredder, you should choose a level six or higher paper shredder. High-security shredders cross-cut paper into particles that are less than one millimeter in width. Cross-cutting your paper into tiny particles helps maintain the security of your information and documents. Most medical and government facilities will be required to use high-security shredders from the upper levels of the security scale.

How Many People Will Use Your Shredder?

Another factor to consider before choosing your shredder is how many people will be using it. If your office or facility is on the smaller side, you might not need an industrial-sized shredder. However, if many people need to use your shredder daily, you might want to consider choosing a larger shredder with a minimal cooldown time. Industrial shredders can be a great option for facilities that produce many documents for shredding.

What Size Shredder Will You Need?

While considering how many people use your shredder, you should also consider which size shredder will be able to best accommodate your business and its employees. A larger shredder will have a larger bin capacity, which is ideal for shredders that see more use or when you aren’t able to empty the bin as frequently. A smaller shredder is more ideal for desk-side work but won’t be able to hold as many paper particles and won’t accommodate as many employees and their shredding needs.

Are There Other Features To Consider?

Paper shredders also have different safety features and other features that might benefit your space. Do you need added safety features like automatic shutoff? These safety features can be useful for personal or home use, especially around children or pets. Other shredders feature anti-paper jam technology that help prevent paper jams and overheating with sensors. Before you buy your high-security shredder, consider which added features might benefit you.

High-security shredders are important for a variety of uses, especially in secure workplaces like medical facilities and government buildings. While choosing your shredder, make sure to remember these four questions to ask before buying a high-security shredder. You can find a variety of NSA approved disintegrators and shredders here at Capital Shredder Corp. once you’re ready to make your choice.

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