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Automatic vs. Manual Feed Paper Shredders: Which Is Better?

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 2/6/2024
Automatic vs. Manual Feed Paper Shredders: Which Is Better?

All businesses oversee the disposal of private data and information. Whether it has old business records or client information, your company needs a proper paper shredder to permanently erase these items.

There are two primary types available: automatic and manual feed paper shredders, but which is better for your business? Continue reading below to learn about the differences between them.

Automatic Paper Shredders

Automatic feed paper shredders offer great convenience. Simply load the stack of papers into the tray, set the machine, and the shredder does the rest. Once activated, it pulls the paper in, shredding it into cross or micro cuts. It then deposits these scraps into the waste bin without the need for intervention.

Manual Paper Shredders

The user manually inserts the paper, and the shredder cuts it into tiny strips or particles to ensure the information is unreadable. These shredders typically have a handle for cranking or a button to start the shredding process.

Manual shredders often come equipped with a wastebasket to collect the discarded paper. Their simple operation and portability make them an excellent choice for light home use or small businesses.

The Most Important Features To Consider

The secret to deciding if an automatic or manual feed paper shredder is better is comprehending which device suits your preferences. The following features are some of the most important characteristics users search for before buying.


When it comes to choosing between automatic and manual feed shredders, cost plays a significant role. Automatic feed shredders are more expensive than their manual counterparts.

If you have a large budget, then automatic feed shredders can be a perfect fit for your business. However, small businesses may benefit from the simplicity and affordability of manual shredders.


The goal of a paper shredder is to thoroughly eliminate sensitive data so that the information is indecipherable to potential threats.

Automatic feed paper shredders often offer high levels of security, as they tend to use cross-cut or micro-cut shredding techniques that render documents virtually impossible to reassemble. Some high-end models even possess advanced security features, such as auto-lock, to prevent unauthorized access.

The straightforward design of manual paper shredders could supply less security. While they do offer direct control to the user, they don’t possess the heightened features automatic shredders offer. However, this component entirely depends on the security level your business requires.


The capacity of a shredder refers to the number of sheets it can shred at one time. A large-capacity office shredder can accommodate hundreds of sheets at once.

They can shred continuously for extended periods without overheating and have larger waste bins. Large offices will greatly benefit from the efficiency of these machines.

Manual feed shredders have a lower capacity and can handle only a few pages at a time. Shredding tasks takes longer to complete because of the simplistic composition. This makes them more suitable for home offices or small businesses that don’t have high-volume shredding needs.

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