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Your Guide to a DoD Level 6 Paper Shredder Machine

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp. on 9/21/2021

Your Guide to a DoD Level 6 Paper Shredder Machine

To keep classified information secure, the Department of Defense uses level six shredders. Level six shredders cut documents into tiny particles to protect important information. These paper particles have a length of around 5mm and a width of around 0.8mm. After going through the shredder, the documents are illegible and cannot be pieced back together. To answer your questions about level six shredders, here is your guide to a DoD level six paper shredder machine.

What Are DoD Level 6 Shredders?

All shredders are rated on a scale of one through six. Level six shredders are the most secure and cut documents into the smallest paper particles. The paper particles measure around 5mm in length and 0.8mm in width. These machines can also shred thin metal with ease, so there’s no need to remove staples and paperclips. DoD level six shredders are approved for the NSA, DoD, and other US military and security divisions.

How Secure Are DoD Level 6 Shredders?

If you need to dispose of documents with classified information, you have to use a level six shredder. The reason the US government chooses to use level six shredders is that they are the most secure way to dispose of confidential documents. Unlike level one and level two shredders, level six shredders ensure that paper particles cannot be pieced back together.

Are DoD Level 6 Shredders Necessary?

Too often, organizations believe that shredding is unnecessary. After all, who would spend time digging through recycling to find classified information? Unfortunately, people do attempt to recover classified information from businesses and organizations, so shredding your confidential documents is necessary to keep the information safe. For organizations and divisions within the US government, using a level six shredder is the best way to ensure that all classified content remains in the right hands.

This is your guide to a DoD level six paper shredder machine. If your business or organization needs a level 6 shredder, be sure to browse our options at Capital Shredder Corp. We proudly serve the US government by providing quality and secure shredding machines. To ensure that your confidential information remains safe, contact us today.

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