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Why Your Business May Need a Commercial Shredder

Posted by CapitalShredderCorp on 8/3/2020
Why Your Business May Need a Commercial Shredder

Executives from more than 300 organizations cite sensitive records as one of their top security concerns. An efficient shredder can protect your information and uphold the reputation of your brand. It helps businesses avoid legal issues, save space, and cut down on waste management costs.

This article looks at some reasons your business may need a top-of-the-line commercial paper shredder.

1. Avoid Breach to Your Privacy

Competitors can access critical information regarding your business through your hardcopy files. Unless you have a high-capacity shredder, chances are you are leaving behind strips of paper with sensitive data. Keep in mind that there are forensic experts that can be hired to try and recreate pieces of documents that are not shredded appropriately. Level 6 shredders have the highest level of security for commercial applications. They can turn documents into tiny particles of paper that will be impossible to recreate.

2. Avoid Losses from Non-Compliance

One way a breach of privacy can ruin the reputation of your company is if someone leaks your client’s information. Regulations require financial organizations and health practices to destroy their documents and ensure no one can access them.

Non-compliance is a risk to the reputation of your business. In the United States, there are approximately 3 million cases of identity theft annually. If unscrupulous people manage to access your client’s data, you could be liable for breach of privacy. Your customers may start viewing your business as unsafe and incapable of protecting their private information.

3. Enhance Productivity

Regulations not only require the destruction of paper records, but also of other media such as memory cards, flash drives, and hard drives. The problem with ordinary office shredders is that they can slow down the process.

You may also have to remove pins, hardcovers, and staples before feeding the documents to an ordinary shredder. A small batch of papers may take a few minutes to shred. Your equipment may require a lot of oiling or restarting to cool.

Some businesses opt to use other methods such as burning, but such processes are often time-consuming. A quality commercial paper shredder is, therefore, necessary, especially when sensitive documents can only be shredded by their authors or employees that are usually time-constrained.

4. Reduce Waste and Create Space

If your business generates a lot of paper records, chances are it is taking up considerable space. Large volumes of documents can increase the amount of clutter in the office. A commercial paper shredder may be what you need to get rid of those unwanted files and create new room for storage.

Depending on the volume of documents, you can take advantage of an industrial machine to speed up the shredding. High capacity paper shredders have automatic versions that you can feed with paper and leave them to perform the task. They can also make it easier for you to remove staples and pins, which enhances safety and efficiency.

In Conclusion

A commercial paper shredder is essential for businesses when it comes to compliance, safety, or productivity. However, you ought to choose a shredding machine that complements your business processes. You can visit our online shop to explore quality options for your office.

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