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Why You Need To Invest in a High-Security Paper Shredder

Posted by CapitalShredderCorp on 7/8/2020
Why You Need To Invest in a High-Security Paper Shredder

Shred-it and keep your company safe. Data breaches are on the rise, with one in every five involving paper records. A high security paper shredder secures your confidential information through efficient and effective destruction of sensitive documents. Additionally, paper shredding protects business reputation among your clients and employees by keeping their private information safe. The high security shredders vary in design and product features, allowing you to choose the right shredding machine for your office needs. Here are eight benefits you enjoy by investing in a high capacity paper shredder.

1. Improved Data Security

Most businesses and government contractors handle sensitive information associated with their clients. An NSA-approved high-security paper shredder prevents the data from falling on unauthorized eyes through innovative paper shredding and disposal. Business executives rank the security of their company documents among the top five concerns when running their business.

2. Prevent Identify Theft

A recent study shows that over 30% of consumers fail to shred documents containing sensitive information before throwing them out. This relaxed approach to their privacy continues to fuel the rising cases of identity theft. In 2017, over 16.7 million cases were reported. Paper shredding cuts paper into tiny pieces that cannot be reconstructed.

3. Protect Your Employees

The human resource departments handle a lot of private information that may end up catastrophic if it lands in the wrong hands. Sensitive staff data such as home addresses, staff ID’s, expenses receipts, and social security number requires proper disposal. Keep your team motivated by ensuring the security of their private information.

4. Full Compliance with Government Regulations

Paper Shredding not only plays a critical role in corporate security but also adheres to state and federal laws. You need a secure paper shredder to destroy all confidential and outdated documents as a requirement of the law. HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA are some of the regulations your respective industry may be required to adhere to.

5. Avoid Corporate Espionage

Dumpster diving is still pretty common, even with the advent of the digital age. Cut-throat competition within various industries pushes some firms to dubious methods of competing with their rivals. With a Supreme Court Ruling of 1988 stating trash found on the curb is public property, you need to be extra careful when disposing of your project documents and paperwork.

6. Saves Time

Manual ripping of paper can be tiresome and time-consuming. Purchasing a high security paper shredder enables you to shred your papers instantaneously, preventing the documents from falling to unauthorized persons. Auto-feeding industrial shredders allow your staff to focus on other tasks as the paper destruction continues.

7. Saves on Storage Space

Filing of paper documents takes up large floor space, with new cabinets required with the increasing paperwork. Paper shredding enables you to destroy outdated records, creating additional storage for use. High capacity paper shredders cut large quantities of paper, thus reducing clutter within the office space.

8. Sustainable Recycling Process

Paper shredding contributes to your firm’s environmental sustainability goals through efficient paper disposal. A high security shredder converts tons of paper sheets, reducing paper wastes strewn across the office.

Investing in a high security paper shredder is the first step to improving your corporate security. Besides, you get to contribute to a greener environment as well as keep your client and employee documents safe. Capital Shredders offer a wide range of commercial paper shredders that will ensure your records remain safe from prying eyes.

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