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What is a High Capacity Paper Shredder?

Posted by CapitalShredderCorp on 2/26/2020
What is a High Capacity Paper Shredder?

It is estimated that 30% of most consumers do not shred, or properly shred sensitive information. For businesses it is especially important that any information that is legally contained in paper files (not everything is digital!) is properly disposed of -- a good majority of companies will dispose of their paper files non-securely by simply tossing those files in the trash.

This is where a business can use a high capacity paper shredder. But many businesses aren’t aware of what commercial paper shredders are, or that they are available.

What is a High Capacity Paper Shredder?

Also known as an industrial office shredder, a high capacity paper shredder represents the best security a business can offer their employees or clients. High capacity shredders are reliable and made to withstand large and consistent amounts of paper files. Companies like Department of Defense contractors or any government agency that consistently produce paper files use commercial paper shredders. There are many different types of shredders, with different weights, shredding capacities, and even finishes to fit in as part of office decor!

Why Is A High Capacity Paper Shredder Important For My Business?

Many offices worldwide that haven’t made the switch to all digital files, or must maintain some form of paper files, must have methods of disposing of highly sensitive information. The sheer amount of information that has to be legally contained in paper files is actually staggering, such as HR or CO-OP files. Securely and responsibly disposing of documents in many states is the law - having a secure paper shredder is necessary for both growing and large businesses to uphold the law.

Why Don’t I Just Outsource My Shredding?

Outsourcing can become extremely costly overtime! A small to medium company can actually spend less money on an industrial office shredder for the fraction of the cost of hiring a shredding company. Another reason not to outsource is anything can happen to the sensitive documentation once it leaves your business - how do you know the documents are actually shredded? How do you know a high capacity paper shredder was used? These are questions that all business owners should be asking themselves.

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