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What You Need to Know About High Security Shredding Machines

Posted by Capital Shredder Corp on 12/20/2019
What You Need to Know About High Security Shredding Machines

In the last few years, the issue of identity theft has become a matter of concern among many office-bearers. These fears can be confirmed by the fact that more than 24% of consumers who were victims of identity fraud found out by accident.

If you want to maintain high security for your sensitive documents, you should consider a high security paper shredder. This plays a critical role in maintaining the security of your waste documents. But how do you choose a high security paper shredder? Here are some of the top factors to consider.

Use of the Shredder

You need to know what types of documents you will be shredding so that you can get the right machine. For example, one commercial paper shredder will be shredding credit cards and another will only be equipped for bank statements. In the first case, buying a heavy-duty high security paper shredder is very important. Consider the needs of your workplace before investing in the wrong type of shredder.

Storage Capability

The high security paper shredder's storage capability is another important factor. Your shredding needs and the space of your office will give you a hint regarding the size of shredding machine that will work for your business. If you intend to shred many documents each day, you need a high capacity paper shredder. However, if your shredding needs are minimal, you can get a shredder that can fit into your drawer.

Cutting Type

There are several types of cuts that you can choose from when selecting a high security paper shredder. However, it is important to highlight that each of the cutting styles offers different types of security. For the high security shredders that have very big cutting strips, you need to check whether that works for you. However, it is important to make sure that you stick with an industrial shredder that can cut very thin strips so that you can maintain the highest security levels. You should concentrate on getting cross-cutters than other types of strip cutters.

Speed and Power

The speed and power of a great shredder give you a hint of the number of documents you can shred in a day. High speed and high power security shredding machine can shred many pages within a short period. If you're shredding high volumes of paper products, higher power and speed is a necessity.

Jam Resistance

In a busy security office, you can be sure that you will be shredding many documents each day. In such circumstances, paper jams might become the norm. Although such issues are common, they have negative impacts when they slow down the operations of your office. When you're picking out an industrial shredder machine, look for options that will not be jammed by any amount of paper you will be shredding.

Are you looking at high security shredding machines for your office? Capital Shredder Corp. is a leading supplier of high security shredding machines in the industry. Rely on us to keep your business and its customers safe.

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